Development CMS Platforms

There are several CMSs available out there.It does not matter which type of website you are creating. There must be one that is entirely tailor made for it. The primary challenge is that most web designers and developers do not want to spend time trying different CMSs. All they want to do is learn maybe one or two and use them in their websites without trying out a bunch of others available. That means that web designers need a host that is flexible and powerful.

This article has listed the best Web Development CMS Platforms which are pocket-friendly. Some platforms are accessible while others are a bit more obscure. WordPress, Joomla! and Drupal are household names among web developers, but other hosts are subjective and have a right blend of features, support and convenient.


A few years ago, there was a debate whether WordPress should be considered as a CMS taking into account it started as a blogging platform. That argument sank, and WordPress now hosts non-blogging sites inclusive of simple multi-page brochure styles to develop social networks entirely.
WordPress has thousands of themes and plugins that capacitate its functionality. WP has a supportive staff and society surrounding it, and it is easy to find tutorials and information on how to develop it.

-It’s a huge developer sufficient of information and tutorials available.
-It has free and paid plugins and themes which are specially designed to create any site on WP.
-it is user-friendly for those who are starting out with an easy to use dashboard for content management.


MTV, Harvard University, and IHOP are some of the outstanding companies that use Joomla! As the CMS for their websites.Joomla! is a package that has everything from the inventory systems to reservations, complex business directories in addition to what other CMS’s offer you.On top of that, Joomla!is recommended for back-end networks and Citibank uses it that solely that purpose.
Joomla! Has an excellent support and developing the community of about 200,000 users and contributors and finding its information and tutorials is a walk in the park.Joomla! has lots of themes but their quality cannot be compared to other CMSs such as WordPress.

-it has user authentication that can be used with OpenID, Google, and LDAP.
-it has more than 7000 extensions.
-support from the active community and availability of documentation.


Drupal is one of the best web development CMS platform that is popular among high-profile companies such as New York Observer, Popular Science, Sony Music, MIT among others. Drupal has a ton of features for internal and external development and a bunch of tools for content organization.

Just like the other web development CMS platforms. Drupal has a very active community that updates its documentation and tutorials. The documentation has all the information that you need to know about installation site building designing themes and your way around Drupal.

-Supportive community that uses IRC channels and face-face meetings
-It has more than 6,000 modules.
-A good number of companies offer commercial support for Drupal.
The above are the best web development CMS platforms that are popular and favored by most web developers. Though it is just the beginning of 2017, other CMS platforms may up their game and shoot to top three.


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